The process…

How do counseling, therapy and coaching work?

My practice in Schmitten is out in the country, right next to the forest. It’s a safe and confidential space for us to meet. If you prefer to walk and talk, that’s an option too. Either way, if you have time to plan a walk while you are here, it’s a perfect opportunity to clear your mind and connect with nature.

Appointments can be booked weekdays from 7am-18:00 and on the first and third Saturday in the month from 9:00- 11am.

Many clients also like the convenience of online consultation. We can use whatever system you feel comfortable with, and it gives you the freedom to have sessions even when you are traveling or short on time.

Alternatively, it’s also possible for us to meet in Frankfurt. Availability in the Frankfurt practice is limited to two mornings a week (Thursdays and Fridays) from 8am to 11:00am.

After an initial (20 minute) telephone conversation, our first full consultation is a space for you to explain your situation in detail and what you would like to achieve. Together we can then decide a good way forward. You are an individual, and no two processes are the same, but many clients find they can resolve their issue in just a few sessions.

If you have any questions, contact me for more information at: or tel: 0160 9834 3472

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