Small Talk Workshop

Non-native speakers of English often underestimate the importance of being able to engage in small talk.

Used well, effective small talk can help you form and build relationships. Often it creates opportunities that would not normally arise. However, when done badly, it can damage your prospects and even harm your reputation.

In this workshop, we start with the basics. We go over the basic do’s and don’ts; discuss what works vs. what seems “fake”; consider the role of body language in small talk situations; and practice using what we have learned in role plays and other interactive speaking exercises.

This workshop offers you a chance to find out what works for you and an opportunity to get constructive feedback from the trainer and other participants on how you come across.

Book this seminar and become more confident at making small talk in English. It’s never too late to improve this important skill!

Sprache: Englisch

Dauer: 1 Termin @ 3,5 Stunden

Terminreservierung unter: oder Tel: 0160 9834 3472

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