Short Impulse Seminars

Tapping for dealing with stress and improving confidence – (approx. 1 hour)

In this short seminar you’ll learn the acupressure tapping technique also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Used regularly, tapping can greatly improve your quality of life.

You learn how to change your default behaviors and underlying beliefs so that you can better control any unpleasant emotions when they arise. By letting go of these negative stresses you can positively impact your physical and mental health.

Once you have practiced it just a few times you will start to feel stronger and happier. You’ll find it easier to take on new tasks and you’ll be able to accept new challenges with a constructive and positive attitude.

You can use EFT in almost any situation. Before presentations, interview, annual assessments as well as many other professional and private situations where you are likely to feel nervous or agitated.

It’s a technique that has been shown to work for managing phobias (e.g. nervous and frightened airplane passengers); in competitions (professional sportsmen and women); on stage (actors and musicians); for public speaking (politicians and public speakers) and in exam-like situations (students and interview candidates).

The list of situations where Tapping can help you is extensive. And the reason it is so effective in so many situations comes down to one thing: Tapping helps you regain control of your emotional response system (amygdala) by triggering a calming response.

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Trust: How to build it? How to keep it? (approx. 1 hour)

Trust is the foundation on which we build our lives.

People who enjoy good and trusting relationships are generally healthier, more content and more productive. But at work and in our professional lives, performance and competition often become the focus of our energy, and it becomes less easy to build and maintain good and trusting relationships.

This short seminar gives you some ideas and suggestions on how to establish and strengthen trusting relationships in your working life and in your private life. It’s an opportunity for you and your team to grow. And regardless of whether you are interested in building and maintaining trust for private or professional reasons, your personal resilience will increase if you implement some of the suggestions and ideas from this seminar.

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Make better decisions by using your gut AND your brain (approx. 1 hour)

Do you sometimes find it hard to make decisions? If so, maybe you’d like to learn about a method that will help you to make decisions more easily?

Using a mixed approach: a simple but structured set of steps + emotional consistency check, you’ll not only be able to make better ad-hoc decisions, you’ll also find it easier to “stick at it” when the decision you take involves a path where perseverance and determination are required.

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