Resonance & Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is a gentle, scientifically proven method of easing both physical and psychological pain or discomfort.

Once you are on the sound bed, you quickly fall into a state of deep relaxation. It becomes easier to let go of of your worries and problems, and a space opens up where you can find inner peace and a positive state of mind.

It’s a really effective way to calm your mind, meditate, or simply have some quality “me” time” away from it all, and many clients report a positive effect on their self confidence, their creativity and their energy levels.

Numerous clinics recommend sound therapy to their patients to boost their self-healing powers, because chronically ill patients who regularly use sound therapy find it easier to get through periods of exhaustion and despondency. They say it helps them tap into their inner strength and find they can enjoy their lives in the “here and now” better as a result of the therapy.

Sound therapy also is a good starting point at the beginning of a consultation or psychotherapy session, particularly if you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed and don’t feel like talking straight away.

Not sure if a sound therapy session is right for you?

Then take a look at these comments from clients – you’ll probably want to try it!

“Inner relaxation. Absolutely! I felt like my heart pressure dropped.”

“Relaxing vibrations in the core of my body, really easy to fall asleep, no sense of time!”

“I felt an amazing lightness in my whole body.”

“It gives you the time to feel your body and be aware of yourself in a way you never otherwise take time for.”

“The relaxation was much deeper than a standard spoken meditation. Emotional blockages just melt away. My thoughts just passed by like clouds or they were crystal clear…”

“I was in another world. Mountains, waterfalls…”

“It’s easier to relax with this music than in total silence.”

“I felt light, like I was floating. Inside I felt really balanced, totally at peace.”

“Feeling of expectation – just let it happen – relaxation – peace – wow!”

“A vibrating sensation in the sternum, a warm sensation spread through my body, very relaxing, made me want to go to sleep.”

Individual session (30 minutes: EUR 40,00)

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