Counseling & Psychotherapy

If you are reading this, I expect you are looking for a therapist for yourself, or someone you care about.

Perhaps you are feeling stuck and don’t know what to do? Maybe it’s an issue with your job; or your children; or your partner. Or maybe you are trying to deal with a problem that feels like it has a root cause in your past.

Many emotional issues we face in the here and now are related to things that happened many years ago.  It’s important to know that even if the events are long gone and the people involved have moved on, or even passed away, it’s possible to to learn how to deal with your feelings and find emotional freedom.

Maybe you’ve already tried to help yourself?

Perhaps you have read some self-help books; talked to friends or family; asked colleagues or acquaintances for advice?

Maybe they helped a little, but probably you have found yourself not much better off than you were before. Trying to solve the problem has probably already cost you time and energy, but the results were not as good as you were hoping.

This happens to many of us at some point, and the best thing you can do is go to a professional.

If you are seeking professional and qualified support, advice or help, contact me for an initial consultation. We can discuss things in a private and confidential setting and consider the next steps, so that you can start feeling better and moving forward with your life.

Areas of treatment:

  • expat related issues such as adjustment, isolation, loneliness & personal orientation
  • couples therapy / counseling
  • workplace related problems e.g.: stress – burnout – mobbing
  • emergency and personal crisis support
  • depression
  • addiction issues
  • fear / phobias
  • grievance counseling



  • CBT – cognitive behavioral therapy
  • individual systemic and hypno-systemic therapy
  • talk therapy
  • focussing
  • tapping


Other languages

  • German

The way we think and the stories we tell ourselves about our experiences have a big influence on how we experience life.

What’s your story?