Management Coaching

Finding your role as a manager is not always easy. Many managers find themselves sandwiched between the people they lead and the people who they themselves are answerable to. Even the most seasoned managers find regular coaching useful, but when you’re new to the role, conflicting demands and loyalties can often be a big challenge.

Why coaching?

Coaching provides a confidential and safe environment to reflect on your workplace strategies. It gives you the chance to look at the big picture before you take the next step. And it’s a great opportunity to try out new behaviours and practice new soft skills before you go back to the workplace and do things for real.

How do we work together?

We work together to clarify exactly what it is you want to achieve. Then we find an approach that suits your personal style. After that we structure the process into do-able steps. And then we start to make thing happen.

Along the way we make sure you have as much control as you need to stay motivated and enough support to feel strong and confident about what you are doing.

Why work with me?

In nearly 10 years as a coach and psychotherapist I have worked with many people facing many different challenges; from internationally active CEO’s to nervous TEDx speakers; ambitious professionals looking for new challenges, to soon-to-be retirees seeking a smooth transitions. This mixed client base means you benefit from a rich spectrum of useful perspectives and insights. And it has the advantage that in our work together you benefit from ideas and approaches that you may not have encountered before.

My aim is always to provide effective and professional support; a safe environment for you to discover and develop your full potential; open feedback; and enthusiastic encouragement.

Expat managers

If you are new to Germany, you are possibly facing a fairly common challenge. Most professionals speak English here, so it’s easy to believe you can communicate with most people without problems. But, after nearly 20 years in Germany, I’m a strong believer that intercultural awareness training is an invaluable part of any expat coaching if you want to avoid intercultural misunderstandings and conflicts (see intercultural awareness training).

Arrange your free 20 minute consultation today

Whether you’re a local looking for coaching in English, or an expat manager trying to make sense of the “German way” of doing things, the sooner you start the faster you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

We can discuss your situation and your options on the phone, via Skype, or face to face – whatever your schedule allows.

Arrange for a free 20 min. consultation today under: or mobile: 0160 9834 3472.

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