Intercultural Awareness

Good communication skills are key in our increasingly dynamic and international working environment. If you want to experience more successful and rewarding exchanges with people from other countries and cultures, you need to become culturally aware.

But what does that actually mean?

Being culturally aware is more than being able to speak a particular language or knowing how to behave when visiting a foreign country. It’s about being sensitive to the different values, perspectives and expectations of the people we meet, and being able to react constructively and appropriately. The more aware we are, the better equipped we are to deal with misunderstandings, ambiguity and disagreements.

This seminar will help you understand the roots of your own values and perspectives; it provide insights into the concept of “otherness”; and offers concrete suggestions for dealing with critical intercultural incidents.

A one hour lunch is part of the workshop and gives participants an opportunity to practice appropriate small talk and to reflect on their beliefs and values about food, meals and entertaining.

Languages: English / German

Length of the seminar: 1 full day @ 7,0 hrs (incl. lunch together)

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